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Welcome to Jastny Dwór restaurant!

Only 3 km from Gdańsk, in the picturesque village of Bąkowo, we have materialized the most beautiful Polish traditions of a manor house. We have adapted a historic monument from the end of the 19th century to serve as a delightful feast for these Guests who appreciate both splendor and modern, bold design. A noble, wooden construction masterfully harmonise with elegant black and exquisite brass chandeliers. Climatic candles will add magic to every meeting in Jastny Dwór.

We would like to to regale you with an unforgettable feast for the senses, so that your visit would not only be a culinary experience, but also an artistic experience on many levels.

Feel the noble hospitality of Jastny Dwór!

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Jastny Dwór will enrich every wedding ceremony with a distinguished setting of the Hall and with the masterfully organised personnel. The dazzling Wedding Hall can accommodate even up to 120 people. Guests will feel like they are inside a work of art. Our Hall is a breathtaking, artistic composition of the historic character of the building and current trends in interior design.


Family events

Jasny Dwór is an original place that aids a family atmosphere. Comfortable seats, richly set tables and cheerfully glimmering light on candlesticks will invite our Guests to relax and feel the magic of family again. We will arrange a spacious hall according to individual wishes to ensure the highest standard of momentous family celebrations, such as First Communion, baptisms, birthdays or anniversaries.


Garden Party

A breath of summer breeze, carefree smiles of your loved ones, unrestrained joy in the eyes of children. Imagine glasses of wine shimmering cheerfully in the sun, an appetizing aroma of grilled dishes, chic bouquets of flowers on a white tablecloth and fresh green of trees surrounding you. Relax and pure joy of life and of being with your loved ones, among nature. These are the unforgettable experiences that we offer by inviting you to the Garden party in Jastny Dwór.



Our chefs are ready to reach beyond the boundaries of already known flavor fusions to meet the demanding criteria of our Guests. They will also be delighted to share their culinary skills outside the walls of Jastny Dwór. Do not hesitate to use our varied menu to add a touch of luxury to each of your business or family meeting.

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We encourage you to visit our website frequently. Here you will find up-to-date information about all events organized by us, such as stylish evenings with live music, exquisite encounters over a glass of wine with a sommelier, breathtaking magician shows, or games organized for children.

Organizacja imprez okolicznościowych

Zapraszamy i zachęcamy Państwa do zorganizowania imprezy okolicznościowej w Jastnym Dworze.

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Imprezy okolicznościowe

Zapraszamy i zachęcamy Państwa do zorganizowania imprezy okolicznościowej w Jastnym Dworze.

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